What size hole can a squirrel fit through?

Squirrels look cute when they hold the food in their tiny hands, but what if the entered into your home and started running your garden and home? It will be one of the worst conditions, especially when you fail to catch them because they are quick, naughty, and sharp. As compared to other animals like raccoons, mice, rats, and squirrels, they just need a small hole to enter. They need a hole of 1 ½ inch only. Mostly they enter through the attic as every attic has a vent. Although they have small gaps, as we mention, they can enter through a small hole. Some people have a vent at the top, some have at the grab, and some near to roof, no matter where the vent is squirrel are excellent climber s they can reach to any place. The vent is not the only way to enter into the house, and some builders use cheap material that is easy to chew for squirrel because they have sharp teeth so they can easily chew the vinyl screening to enter into the building. The attic is most commonly used by the squirrel, they are seen to use gable vent as this leads them directly to the attic and makes up of stuff that is easy to chew and in some cases, and they can pass it through any difficulty. Squirrels have flexible bodies so they can fit their body as per situation and hole. A squirrel can also chew the wood so the people who have used the wood in gable vent and feel relax that none of the animals can pass through; they are wrong. Squirrels have the habit of eating and tasting everything; due to the sharpness of their teeth, they can chew stuff like screen, wood, plastic, etc.

How to prevent the squirrel from entering into the house?

There are a lot of ways that you can use to get rid of a squirrel. As mentioned above, they mostly enter through the vent, so the best solution is to cover the vent with a heavy gauge steel screen. A squirrel cannot chew steel, so it will prevent them from getting through the vent. Are you also required to take a deep look throughout the house and found there is any gap or crack within the hole? Mostly there is space left near the deck that can be another place to enter into the house. Unlike skunks, a squirrel cannot remove the weight, so if there is an open place or gap, then place the bricks in a random position.

Do all squirrels need the same size hole?

No, it depends on the type of squirrel. Anyhow if you have a hole near to the 2 inches, then you may find the squirrel within the house. The big squirrel may need some big hole, but there are chances they may adjust their body according to the hole. For large holes, you should repair them properly. Use home remedies and deterrents to repel the squirrel from your home like the use of noise and odor that found to be effective. Place the odor related products near to the holes, and you can also use traps for the squirrel that is living within the home.

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